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XEd Customised Programmes

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XEd`s approach to Custom Programmes is firmly based on our understanding of uniqueness of each organization. We believe that the only way to deliver a truly effective custom Programme is to make it as unique as the organization for which it is designed.

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We begin with a series of guided conversations. These include what are your needs, current challenges and vision for a successful future? We listen to you to learn about your desired outcomes and critical success factors. By understanding your specific learning goals and business challenges, we can ascertain how XEd can best leverage its capabilities to serve your organization.

Design & Deliver

The next step, the design phase involves making choices about "what should be" within the Programme, “how should it be - the pedagogy” and “why should it be so”. It is a rigorous and conscious effort to ensure the Programme is fully aligned with the organization’s current reality and future aspirations

A dedicated Programme Director will work with you to coordinate and customize each element of the upcoming engagement. Our commitment to customization — from pre-Programme materials to session wise faculty engagement — enables you to shape the entire participant experience as you see fit.

During the Programme, the Faculty Director, Faculty and Programme Directors provide participants with full-time support to ensure a seamless and professional learning experience.


We strongly believe that any learning will be most impactful, when it can be applied in the workplace.

We work with the Client Organisation, Programme Participants and Faculty, to define Action Learning Projects / Individual Development Plans, and also provide Facilitation and Guidance for implementation & monitoring.


Detailed and comprehensive evaluations are carried out at the end of each session to determine if any of the components need to be refined or adapted.

This could involve revising the content, format, focus or any of the other individual elements that make up the session. We work collaboratively with you both during and after delivery to evaluate the impact of the learning solutions. The resulting feedback enables us to fine-tune and improve the Programme.

Post the Programme the Programme Directors follow-up on the action plans, review final projects and often administer need based assessments to measure the effectiveness of the Programme

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What makes XEd

Flexible content to suit learning goals

Targeted solutions to specific capability challenges

Ongoing measurement of ROI

High-quality engagement with significant cost efficiencies


We challenge you to think deeply and innovatively about your needs and to collaborate with us in designing a learning solution that will have enduring impact at both the individual and organizational levels.


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